The BestX Post-Trade software provides a unique interface allowing market participants to analyse the costs and execution performance of their FX transactions (spot, forward, swaps, NDFs). The interface is fully interactive, and real-time, providing users with the ability to analyse their data in any dimension and create tailor-made reports at the click of a button. The product provides a unique set of analytics, measuring all aspects of execution performance, including spread & impact costs and signaling risk. 

A comprehensive market data database feeds the analytics and is used to compute representative benchmarks that facilitate a consistent and fair evaluation of performance on a level playing field. Fully flexible exception reporting is supported, allowing institutions to configure their own best ex policy based on any execution metric and thresholds. Trade data can be securely loaded into the application in many different forms, either via STP or flexible file uploads where BestX can consume trade data in any format.


BestX® Best Execution Pre-Trade Analytics


The pre-trade component of the BestX analytics will allow clients to perform analysis prior to execution, to compare and contrast different styles and aspects of execution and to help justify the decision making around, for example, choice of execution method, time of day, size etc. The application will combine the unique BestX cost analytics, combined with empirical analysis based on historical trade performance, to provide a dashboard of execution metrics, allowing more informed decision making at point of trade.


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