BestX Case Study: Generating YTD Reports

This brief article continues our series of case studies for the practical deployment of the BestX execution analytics software. Please note these case studies should be read in conjunction with the BestX User Guide, and/or the online support/FAQs. Given that 2018 is drawing to a close, the focus of this third case study is the generation of year-to-date reports.

BestX provides a multitude of different reporting types, that have many different purposes and use cases. In this case study we cover 3 of the most common: 

  1. Generating annual post-trade performance reports – used for internal best execution review meetings etc

  2. Generating annual exception report summaries – useful for showing documentary evidence of the implementation, monitoring and adherence to a firm’s best execution policy

  3. Generating annual total consideration reports – useful for high-level cost summaries for client accounts etc

The flexibility of BestX allows users to run such reports on the entire portfolio, or configured to specific elements of the year’s trading activity to analyse key components.


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