We provide independent trade technology & analytics that enable clients to define, achieve & demonstrate Best Execution


BestX® is a Technology Company, with a simple fee based model, creating state of the art software to provide real-time, interactive analytics.

We are a totally independent company, without the inherent conflict of interest or risk of abuse that arises from being affiliated to an execution venue.

Our vision was to create an Industry Standard for FX TCA, our clients are Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Banks and Non-Bank Liquidity Providers. 

We provide our clients with a level playing field to enable them to assess and compare the quality of their FX execution, agnostic of counterparty, venue or liquidity provider.



Pre-Trade Analytics

BestX® Best Execution Pre-Trade Analytics

The BestX Pre-Trade software provides clients with the ability to analyse the costs of trading prior to execution. What-if analysis for a given trade is permitted using the proprietary BestX cost models, allowing a trade to be optimised in terms of timing, size of trade or method of execution. Netting analysis for a given currency pair is supported, allowing users to quantify the potential benefits of waiting to net or not by weighing up the opportunity cost vs spread cost for different periods of the trading day.

BestX Post-Trade Analytics.jpg

BestX® Best Execution Post-Trade Analytics

The BestX Post-Trade software provides a unique interface allowing market participants to analyse the costs and execution performance of their FX transactions across Spot, Forward, Swaps & NDFs. Our technology will improve our Clients' execution process, resulting in a quantifiable cost savings, through utilization of the most rigorous and granular post-trade software analytics (FX TCA) available in the market. We believe in truly independent analysis to implement a flexible, rigorous, justifiable and repeatable execution process in accordance with market and regulatory evolution.



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BestX is pleased to collaborate with our partners - these relationships allow constant and ferocious innovation, which simply makes the product more useful for our Clients.





"BestX really listen and engage. They really do their best to find the right solution for the client... there aren’t many vendors out there that give the support and help like BestX does."

"The service that we receive from you and the team surpasses everything else we experience."

"Just wanted to say that support we are getting from BestX is great. The team are responding to all the queries very quickly, and quality of responses is also very good."

"As a new client of BestX, I have been very impressed with the quality of BestX’s TCA offering and its product support. The onboarding process was quick and seamless and the turnaround times for custom development requests have been lightning fast. BestX's use of modern technology allows it to offer a web-based interface that I have found to be analytically powerful, but quick and easy to use. Using BestX has simplified our post-trade analysis process, which has helped me become more efficient in my role and I would highly recommend BestX to other FX market participants that want to use the best FX TCA offering on the market."



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