BestX® Pre-Trade Analytics


The BestX Pre-Trade software provides clients with the ability to analyse the costs of trading prior to execution. What-if analysis for a given trade is permitted using the proprietary BestX cost models, allowing a trade to be optimised in terms of timing, size of trade or method of execution. Netting analysis for a given currency pair is supported, allowing users to quantify the potential benefits of waiting to net or not by weighing up the opportunity cost vs spread cost for different periods of the trading day.

In addition, the Pre-Trade portal is automatically populated with a summary of the empirical performance that the client has achieved for similar transactions in the past based on results from the BestX Post-Trade application. Results from any pre-trade analysis conducted by the user can be saved in order to link with the resulting post-trade performance, and also exported in the form of a report.

Please note that access to the Pre-Trade module and/or components thereof is subject to certain eligibility requirements - please contact BestX for more information.


BestX® Post-Trade Analytics


The BestX Post-Trade Analytics are live for FX (Spot, Forwards, Swaps & NDFs) and Fixed Income (Sovereign and Corporate Bonds, Futures), providing market participants with a unique interface to analyse the costs and execution performance of their transactions. The interface is fully interactive, and real-time, providing users with the ability to analyse their data in any dimension and create tailor-made reports at the click of a button. The product provides a unique set of analytics, measuring all aspects of execution performance, including spread & impact costs and signaling risk.

A comprehensive market data database feeds the analytics and is used to compute representative benchmarks that facilitate a consistent and fair evaluation of performance on a level playing field. Fully flexible exception reporting is supported, allowing institutions to configure their own best ex policy based on any execution metric and thresholds. Trade data can be securely loaded into the application in many different forms, either via STP or flexible file uploads where BestX can consume trade data in any format.


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